Synonyms to go lame

founder, abort, ancestors, apprentice, architect, artificer, artist, author, be clobbered, be destroyed, be felled, be lost, be poleaxed, be staggered, be stricken, begetter, beginner, break down, builder, capsize, cave, cave in, collapse, come to grief, come to naught, come to nothing, conceiver, constructor, craftsman, creator, decline, designer, deviser, die, discoverer, droop, drown, effector, engenderer, engineer, establisher, executor, executrix, fail, fall, fall in, fall through, falter, father, flop, flop down, flump, flump down, framer, generator, give way, go down, go downhill, go under, grower, have a mishap, inaugurator, industrialist, initiator, instigator, institutor, introducer, inventor, journeyman, keel, keel over, lapse, lower, lurch, maker, manufacturer, master, master craftsman, miscarry, mother, organizer, originator, overset, overturn, past master, patriarch, pitchpole, planner, plop, plop down, plump, precursor, prime mover, producer, progenitor, raiser, realizer, run aground, sag, scuttle, set, settle, settle down, shaper, sink, sink down, sink like lead, sire, slip, slouch, slump, slum