Synonyms to glass printing

decal, adherent, adhesive, barnacle, bramble, brier, bulldog, burr, cameography, cement, decalcomania, glue, gunk, leech, limpet, molasses, monotype, mucilage, paste, plaster, prickle, remora, serigraphy, stencil, sticker, syrup, thorn, abstract, abstraction, albertype, altarpiece, block print, book printing, cartoon, chalk, charcoal, chromotypography, chromotypy, chromoxylography, collage, collotype, color, color print, color printing, copy, crayon, crosshatch, cyclorama, dash off, daub, delineate, depict, design, diagram, diptych, doodle, draft, draw, electronography, electrostatic printing, engraving, fresco, graphic arts, gravure, halftone engraving, hatch, history of printing, icon, illumination, illustration, image, job printing, letterpress, letterpress photoengraving, likeness, limn, line engraving, lithography, lithogravure, lithophotogravure, mimeograph, miniature, montage, mosaic, mural, offset, offset lithography, onset, paint, paint a picture, palaeotypography, panorama, pencil, photo-offset, photochemical proce