Synonyms to give the deuce

bawl out, berate, bless, carpet, chew, chew ass, chew out, condemn, cuss out, denounce, give a going-over, give hail Columbia, give hell, give what-for, jack up, lambaste, lash, ream, ream ass, ream out, sit on, tell off, tongue-lash, upbraid, wig, jaw, revile, vituperate, bite, bolus, bullshit, cavendish, chain-smoke, champ, chat, chaw, chew over, chew the cud, chew up, chewing tobacco, chomp, chump, consider, consume, converse, crunch, crush, cud, cut plug, devour, drag, draw, eat, eating tobacco, fid, gnash, gnaw, gob, gossip, grind, gum, inhale, inhale snuff, macerate, mash, masticate, morsel, mouth, mouthful, mumble, munch, navy, navy plug, nibble, nip, palaver, pigtail, ponder, puff, pull, pulp, pulpify, quid, re