Synonyms to give a start

bundle off, bow out, bundle, dismiss, float, give the air, give the gate, hustle out, kick off, launch, pack off, put in motion, send, send away, send forth, send off, send packing, set afloat, set agoing, set going, set in motion, set on foot, show the door, show the gate, start, start going, start off, start up, turn away, turn off, accelerate, amble, array, bale, band, bandage, barge, batch, belt, bend, bind, bind up, bindle, body, bolt, bomb, boodle, bouquet, bowl along, brace, budget, bunch, bundle up, bustle, chain, chase, cinch, clump, cluster, collect, collection, croodle, crowd, cuddle, cuddle up, curl up, dash, dash off, dash on, decamp, deck, dispatch, do up, double-time, drag, drive on, expedite, fagot, fardel, fasces, fascine, festinate, flounce, foot, footslog, forward, gather together, get going, get moving, gird, girdle, girt, girth, halt, haste, hasten, hasten on, hie on, hippety-hop, hitch, hobble, hop, hurry, hurry along, hurry on, hurry through, hurry up, hurry-scurry, hustle, hustle up, jog, jol