Synonyms to gild the lily

brighten, animate, beacon, boost, break, brighten up, buoy up, burnish, cheer, cheer up, dawn, encourage, enlighten, enliven, exhilarate, flood with light, floodlight, gild, give a lift, gladden, grow bright, grow light, hearten, highlight, illume, illuminate, illumine, inspire, inspirit, invigorate, irradiate, light, light up, lighten, liven, luminate, overshine, perk up, pick up, polish, rejoice, rejoice the heart, relume, relumine, shed light upon, shine, shine upon, spotlight, sweeten, throw light upon, vitalize, embellish, adorn, apparel, array, beautify, bedeck, bedizen, belie, blazon, camouflage, caparison, color, convolute, cultivate, dandify, deck, deck out, decorate, develop, disguise, distort, dizen, doll up, dress, dress up, elaborate, emblazon, embroider, enhance, enrich, evolve, exaggerate, falsify, festoon, fig out, finish, fix up, flourish, fudge, furbish, furbish up, garble, garnish, gloss, gloss over, grace, gussy up, improve, involve, load with ornament, magnify, mask, mature, miscite, miscolor, misquote, misreport, misrepresent, misstate, ornament, overcharge, overdo