Synonyms to get sidetracked

depart, abandon, abrupt, abscond, absquatulate, alienate, be consumed, be getting along, be gone, be lost, beat a retreat, beat it, blow, bolt, bow out, buzz off, cast, cast off, cast out, cease, cease to be, cease to exist, cease to live, change, check out, clear out, come away, conk, croak, cut adrift, cut and run, cut off, cut out, decamp, decease, delete, dematerialize, demise, depart from, depart this life, desert, deviate, deviate from, die, die away, die out, differ, digress, disagree, disappear, disarticulate, discard, disconnect, disengage, disjoin, disjoint, dispel, disperse, dissent, dissipate, dissociate, dissolve, disunite, divagate, diverge, diverge from, divide, divorce, do a fade-out, duck out, dwindle, egress, eject, elope, erode, escape, estrange, evanesce, evaporate, excurse, exit, expel, expire, fade, fade away, fade out, fall, fall asleep, flee, fly, forsake, fugitate, gang along, get along, get away, get lost, get off, get on, get out, get under way, go, go AWOL, go along, go astray, go away, go off, go on, go on furlough, go on leave, go out, hide, hit the road, isolate, jump, jump