Synonyms to get away with

consume, Sanforize, abate, ablate, absorb, annihilate, assimilate, atomize, atrophy, attenuate, bate, be eaten away, bestow, bleed white, blow, break up, bring to ruin, burn down, burn up, come apart, condemn, confound, consecrate to, consume away, corrode, crack up, cremate, crumble, crumble into dust, damn, deal destruction, decay, decimate, decline, decompose, decrease, dedicate to, deliquesce, demolish, deplete, depreciate, depredate, desolate, despoil, destroy, devastate, devote, devour, die away, digest, diminish, disintegrate, disjoin, disorganize, dispatch, dispose of, dissipate, dissolve, dive, do in, down, drain, drain of resources, dribble away, drink up, drop, drop off, dry up, dwindle, eat, eat up, ebb, emacerate, emaciate, employ, engorge, engross, erode, exhaust, expend, fall, fall away, fall off, fall to pieces, finish, finish off, fission, fritter away, get down, give over to, give to, gobble, gobble up, gorge, gulp, gulp down, gut, gut with fire, guzzle, havoc, impoverish, incendiarize, incinerate, ingest, inhale, languish, lavish, lay in ruins, lay waste, lessen, let up, lose, macerate,