Synonyms to gentilism

atheism, agnosticism, apostasy, backsliding, denial, desertion, disbelief, discredit, faithlessness, fall from grace, heresy, impiety, impiousness, inability to believe, incredulity, infidelity, irreligion, irreverence, lapse, lapse from grace, minimifidianism, misbelief, nonbelief, nullifidianism, recidivism, recreancy, rejection, secularism, unbelief, unbelievingness, undutifulness, Punic faith, adulterous affair, adultery, affair, amor, amour, bad faith, barratry, breach of faith, breach of promise, breach of trust, cheating, cuckoldry, dereliction, disaffection, disloyalty, entanglement, eternal triangle, falseness, falsity, fickleness, flirtation, forbidden love, hanky-panky, illicit love, inconstancy, intrigue, liaison, love affair, mala fides, perfidy, romance, romantic tie, traitorousness, treachery, triangle, trothlessness