Synonyms to garmentless

decollete, bareness, birthday suit, clothesless, disrobed, ecdysiast, en deshabille, garbless, gymnosophist, gymnosophy, half-clothed, in dishabille, low-cut, nakedness, naturism, naturist, not a stitch, nudish, nudism, nudist, nudity, raimentless, state of nature, strapless, stripper, stripteaser, the altogether, the nude, the raw, topless, toplessness, unattired, uncased, unclad, unclothed, undraped, undressed, ungarbed, ungarmented, unrobed, nude, art object, au naturel, bald, bare, bare-ass, blank, brainchild, bric-a-brac, classic, composition, creation, design, dishabille, grotesque, gymnosophical, in, in native buff, in puris naturalibus, in the altogether, in the buff, in the raw, kitsch, master, masterpiece, masterwork, mobile, mother-naked, museum piece, naked, n