Synonyms to gaily

daringly, audaciously, boldly, bravely, bulldoggishly, chivalrously, courageously, dashingly, doughtily, fearlessly, flashily, flauntingly, foolhardily, gallantly, gamely, glitteringly, gutsily, hardily, harebrainedly, heroically, intrepidly, jauntily, knightly, like a man, like a soldier, pertinaciously, pluckily, presumptuously, resolutely, showily, spunkily, stalwartly, stoutly, tenaciously, unfearfully, unfearingly, valiantly, valorously, with a flair, yeomanly, airily, blithely, brightly, brilliantly, cheerfully, cheerily, colorfully, flamboyantly, garishly, gaudily, gleefully, happily, insouciantly, joyfully, jubilantly, merrily, splendidly, agreeably, blessedly, blissfully, delightedly, ecstatically, elatedly, enthusiastically, exultantly, favorably, fortunately, genially, gladly, heartily, hopefully, irrepressibly, lightly, luckily, opportunely, optimistically, peaceably, pleasantly, propitiously, prosperously, providentially, rapturously, rhapsodic