Synonyms to fudge up

bat out, botch, bungle, dash off, do anyhow, do by halves, do carelessly, do offhand, fake up, jury-rig, knock off, knock out, knock together, lash up, patch, patch together, patch up, pound out, rough out, roughcast, roughhew, slap up, throw off, throw together, toss off, toss out, toss together, trifle with, whomp up, Hershey bar, X ray, actinic ray, actinism, area, atomic beam, atomic ray, aviation badge, badge, bailiwick, bar, beam, beam of light, birthmark, blaze, blemish, block, bloodstain, blot, blotch, blur, brand, bring to terms, bury the hatchet, caste mark, check, checkmark, chevron, chicken, chip, cicatrix, clearing, clos, close, cobble, come to terms, commission, condition, corn field, cover, croft, crumb, cultivated land, cut, dab, dapple, dappledness, dappleness, darn, daub, discoloration, do up, doctor, dot, dottedness, eagle, earmark, enclave, engraving, epaulet, episode, experience, eyesore, field, fix, fix up, fleck, flick, flyspeck, forty, freckle, freckliness, gamma ray, gash, glea