Synonyms to frock

gown, bonnet, boot, breech, cap, cloak, coat, coif, dress, duds, garment, hat, hood, jacket, jupe, mantle, rag, raiment, robe, shirt, shoe, skirt, sock, stocking, togs, vestment, vesture, blazer, Eton jacket, Mao jacket, blouse, body coat, bolero, bomber jacket, capuchin, car coat, chaqueta, chesterfield, claw hammer, claw-hammer coat, cutaway coat, dinner jacket, doublet, dress coat, duffel, fingertip coat, fitted coat, frock coat, jerkin, jumper, loden coat, mackinaw, mess jacket, midicoat, monkey jacket, parka, pea jacket, reefer, sack, san benito, ski jacket, sleeve waistcoat, smoking jacket, spiketail coat, swallowtail, tabard, tail coat, tails, watch coat, windbreaker, woolly, Naval Reservist, Procrustean bed, Royal Marine, Seabee, abecedarian, additionally, alphabetarian, also, apprentice, articled clerk, as well, avail, bang, bed of Procrustes, beginner, besides, bloomer, blooper, blow, bluejacket, bobble, bonehead play, boner, boo-boo, boob stunt, booting out, boots, bounce, break, bump, bust, cadet, calcitration, can, cashier, cashiering, catechumen, charge, chaussur