Synonyms to frills

overlap, accord, accordance, affinity, agree, agreement, answer to, applique, arch over, assent, assort with, be consistent, be of one, be uniform with, bedizenment, bestraddle, bestride, bridge, check, chime, chorus, cohere, coherence, coincide, coincidence, compatibility, concert, concord, concordance, concur, conform, conform with, conformance, conformation, conformity, congeniality, congruence, congruency, congruity, consist with, consistency, consonance, consort, cooperate, cooperation, correspond, correspondence, dovetail, duplication, duplication of effort, embellishment, equivalence, expletive, extend over, extravagance, fall in together, fat, featherbedding, filling, fit together, flap, fly, frill, frippery, gingerbread, go together, go with, hang over, hang together, harmonize, harmony, hit, hold together, imbricate, imbrication, interlock, intersect, intersection, jibe, jut, lap, lap over, lie over, lock, luxury, match, needlessness, oneness, ornamentation, overadornment, overarch, overhang, overlapping, overlay, overlayer, overlie, override, padding, parallel, parallelism, payroll padding