Synonyms to frequenter

aficionado, Maecenas, abettor, admirer, advocate, amateur, angel, apologist, attender, audience, authority, backer, buff, bug, champion, connoisseur, crank, critic, defender, dependence, devotee, dilettante, encourager, endorser, energumen, enthusiast, expert, exponent, fan, fanatic, fanatico, favorer, freak, friend at court, habitue, haunter, infatuate, lover, lunatic fringe, mainstay, maintainer, monomaniac, nut, paranymph, partisan, patron, promoter, protagonist, pundit, reliance, savant, scholar, second, seconder, sectary, sider, specialist, spectator, sponsor, stalwart, standby, support, supporter, sustainer, sympathizer, technical expert, technician, theatergoer, upholder, visitor, votary, well-wisher, zealot, accepter, acquirer, addressee, attention, audition, auditor, auditory, bargaining, bargaining session, beholder, bugging, claqueur, clientage, clientele, conclave, confab, confabulation, conference, confrontation, congregation, congress, consideration, consignee, consultation, convention, council, council fire, council of war, deadhead, discussion, ear, e