Synonyms to frequence

attendance, appearance, assemblage, assembly, attendant, attending, audience, being, body of retainers, box office, cohort, cortege, court, crowd, draw, employ, employment, entourage, follower, following, frequenting, gate, gathering, house, ministration, ministry, number present, parasite, peonage, presence, retinue, rout, satellite, serfdom, serving, servitium, servitorship, servitude, slavery, suite, tendance, train, turnout, avails, booking office, branch, branch office, cabinet, chambers, chancellery, chancery, closet, commissions, consulate, corporate headquarters, credit, credits, den, disposable income, dividend, dividends, earned income, earnings, embassy, executive office, gains, gate receipts, get, gross, gross income, gross receipts, headquarters, home office, income, intake, legation, main office, make, net, net income, net receipts, office, output, proceeds, produce, profits, receipt, receipts, receivables, returns, revenue, royalties, shop, study, take, take-in, takings, ticket office, unearned income, yie