Synonyms to freely

above-board, artless, candid, candidly, direct, forthright, frank, frankly, genuine, guileless, honest, honorable, in the open, ingenuous, open, openly, plainly, publicly, straight, straightforward, straightforwardly, undeceitful, undeceiving, undeceptive, effortlessly, adeptly, adroitly, easily, efficiently, expertly, facilely, hands down, lightly, like clockwork, like nothing, no sweat, on easy terms, proficiently, readily, simply, skillfully, smoothly, swimmingly, well, without difficulty, by choice, before, by election, by vote, electively, first, gratuitously, in preference, independently, optionally, preferably, rather, rather than, sooner, sooner than, spontaneously, voluntarily, willfully, without coercion, outright, absolute, absolutely, admitting no exception, all, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-out, all-pervading, altogether, arrant, at once, bald, baldly, born, broad-based, categorical, categorically, classical, clean, clear, complete, completely, comprehensive, comprehensively, conclusive, congenital, consummate, consummately, crass, decided, decisive, de