Synonyms to freak out

becharm, allure, attract, beguile, bewitch, captivate, carry away, cast a spell, charm, delectate, delight, draw on, enamor, enchant, endear, enrapture, enravish, enthrall, entrance, fascinate, glamour, hold in thrall, hypnotize, imparadise, infatuate, inflame with love, intrigue, knock dead, knock out, mesmerize, ravish, seduce, send, slay, spell, spellbind, tantalize, tempt, thrill, tickle, tickle pink, titillate, transport, vamp, witch, wow, abuse, afflict, aggrieve, bedevil, befoul, blight, condemn, corrupt, crucify, curse, damage, dazzle, defile, demonize, deprave, despoil, destroy, devilize, diabolize, disadvantage, disserve, distress, do a mischief, do evil, do ill, do wrong, do wrong by, doom, draw, envenom, get into trouble, harass, harm, hex, hoodoo, hurt, impair, infect, injure, jinx, magnetize, maltr