Synonyms to formulaic

aphoristic, Spartan, abbreviated, abridged, aposiopestic, axiomatic, brief, brusque, clipped, close, compact, compendious, compressed, concise, condensed, contracted, crisp, curt, cut, docked, elliptic, epigrammatic, formulistic, gnomic, laconic, pithy, platitudinous, pointed, proverbial, pruned, pungent, reserved, sententious, short, short and sweet, shortened, succinct, summary, synopsized, taciturn, terse, tight, to the point, truncated, absolute, actual, admitting no question, apparent, clear, clear as crystal, confirmable, crystal-clear, demonstrable, demonstratable, discernible, distinct, evident, explicit, express, factual, historical, inappealable, incontestable, incontrovertible, indisputable, indubitable, irrefragable, irrefutable, manifest, noticeable, observable, obvious, open-and-shut, palpable, patent, perceivable, perceptible, perspicuous, plain, plain as day, provable, real, seeable, self-evident, self-explaining, self-explanatory, t