Synonyms to form fours

dice, bird cage, bones, cashier, cast, crap game, crap shooting, craps, crooked dice, cube, cubes, die, ivories, ivory, jettison, loaded dice, make four, poker dice, quadrate, reject, scrap, shed, slough, square, teeth, throw away, throw out, accommodate, accord, adjust, check, comport, conform, correspond, cube-shaped, cubed, cubic, cubiform, cuboid, diced, dovetail, fit, fit in, foursquare, go, harmonize, oblong, orthogonal, quadrangular, quadratic, quadriform, quadrilateral, reconcile, rectangular, rhombic, rhomboid, suit, tailor, tetragonal, tetrahedral, trapezohedral, trapezoid, Babbitt, Little Joe, Methuselah, Middle American, Philistine, T square, aboveboard, absolutely, accordant, account with, accurate, accurately, adapt, adipose, agora, agree, agree with, alike, amortize, anal, anal character, answer to, antediluvian, antique, aplomb, arena, arrange, assent, assort with, at par, at right angles, atone, atone for, au pair, authentic, back number, back-number, balance, balanced, banal, bang, be consistent, be of o