Synonyms to foreseen

overdue, ahead of time, anachronistic, antedated, anticipated, arrested, awaited, back, backward, beforehand, behind, behind time, behindhand, belated, blocked, dated, delayed, delayed-action, detained, due, early, expected, foredated, held up, hoped-for, hung up, imminent, in a bind, in abeyance, in prospect, in view, jammed, late, latish, long-expected, mature, metachronistic, misdated, mistimed, moratory, never on time, obstructed, on the horizon, out of date, out of season, outstanding, owing, parachronistic, past due, payable, postdated, presumed, probable, prochronistic, promised, prospective, retarded, slow, stopped, tardy, unpunctual, unready, unseasonable, unsettled, untimely, according to Hoyle, accountable, accounts payable, accounts receivable, acknowledgment, adequate, alleged, amount due, ample, appropriate, appurtenance, arrearage, arrears, ascribable, assignable, attributable, attributed, authority, bad debts, balanced, barely sufficient, bill, bills, birthright, borrowing, charged, charges, chits, claim, cognizance, comeuppance, coming, coming to, com