Synonyms to foreroom

parlor, agency, atelier, barbershop, beauty parlor, beauty shop, bench, best room, butcher shop, company, concern, corporation, desk, drawing room, establishment, facility, firm, front room, house, installation, institution, living room, loft, lounge, organization, reception room, salon, saloon, shop, sitting room, solarium, studio, sun parlor, sunroom, sweatshop, work site, work space, workbench, workhouse, working space, workplace, workroom, workshop, worktable, Pullman, Pullman car, Vanity Fair, baggage car, beau monde, beautiful people, best people, boxcar, caboose, cafe society, car, carriage, carriage trade, chair car, coach, coal car, covered waggon, cream of society, day coach, diner, dinghy, dining car, elite, fashionable society, flat, flatcar, gondola, good society, haut monde, high life, high society, in-crowd, jet set, jeunesse doree, local, luggage van, mail car, mail van, monde, palace car, parlor car, passenger car, people of fashion, polite society, railway car, reefer, refrigerator car, right people, roomette, sa