Synonyms to foregone

predetermined, absolute, aforethought, apodictic, bound, certain, clear, clear and distinct, clear as day, conclusive, decisive, definite, destined, determinate, doomed, fated, fixed, forejudged, foreordained, forgone, in the cards, ineluctable, inevitable, judged beforehand, necessary, ordained, perfectly sure, positive, prearranged, preconceived, preconceptual, preconcluded, preconsidered, predecided, predeliberated, predestinate, predestined, predisposed, predispositional, prejudged, prejudging, prejudicial, premeditated, preordained, prepense, preresolved, presumed, presupposed, presurmised, set up, sure, sure-enough, true, unambiguous, unequivocal, univocal, unmistakable