Synonyms to for a wonder

surprisingly, abruptly, abundantly, acutely, amazingly, amply, astonishingly, astoundingly, awesomely, bang, confoundingly, conspicuously, copiously, dash, eminently, emphatically, exceptionally, exquisitely, extraordinarily, exuberantly, famously, generously, glaringly, hastily, impetuously, impressively, impulsively, incredibly, intensely, like a flash, like a thunderbolt, magically, magnanimously, magnificently, markedly, marvelously, nobly, notably, of a sudden, on short notice, particularly, peculiarly, plop, plump, plunk, pointedly, pop, precipitantly, precipitately, precipitously, preeminently, profusely, prominently, pronouncedly, remarkably, richly, sharp, shockingly, signally, singularly, slap, smack, splendidly, staggeringly, startlingly, strange to say, strikingly, stunningly, sudden, suddenly, superlatively, surpassingly, unawares, uncommonly, unexpectedly, unusually, without notice, without warning, wonderfully, wondrous, worthily