Synonyms to footprints

footstep, boss, bump, clop, colophon, concavity, convexity, dactylogram, dactylograph, dent, dint, doorstep, embossment, example, excrescence, fingerprint, footfall, footmark, footprint, footrest, footsteps, fossil footprint, hippety-hop, hoofbeat, hop, ichnite, ichnolite, impress, impression, imprint, indent, indentation, indention, jump, lump, pace, pad, paw print, pawmark, pimple, print, pug, pugmark, rest, riser, round, rundle, rung, scale, seal, sigil, signet, skip, spoke, spoor, stair, stamp, stave, step, step stool, stepping-stone, stride, string, stud, thumbmark, thumbprint, trace, track, tract, tradition, trail, tread, vestige, way of life, CRT spot, DM display, Doppler signal, IF signal, IM display, Photostat, RF echoes, Xerox, account, afterglow, afterimage, annals, aroma, ascertain, balance, beam, beat signal, bit, blaze, blaze a trail, blemish, blips, block in, block out, blotch, bounces, brand, breath, brief, butt, butt end, candle ends, cartoon, cast, catalog, catch a likeness, catchword, chaff, chalk, chalk out, chalk up, character, characterize, charcoal, chart, check, check off, chronicle, cica