Synonyms to follow the crowd

pass muster, answer, avail, be equal to, bear, do, do it, fall in with, fall into line, fill the bill, find favor with, fit in, follow the fashion, follow the rule, fulfill, get by, get in line, go around, go through channels, hack it, hold, hold up, just do, keep in step, make the grade, meet, meet requirements, meet with approval, pass, play the game, qualify, reach, satisfy, serve, serve the purpose, stand, stand the test, stand up, stay in line, stretch, suffice, take it, toe the mark, work, dangle, advertise, affect, air, around, bag, betoken, blazon forth, bob, bobble, brandish, breathe, bring forth, bring forward, bring into view, bring out, bring to notice, careen, cascade, coggle, daggle, demonstrate, depend, develop, disclose, display, divulge, drabble, drag, draggle, dramatize, drape, droop, emblazon, embody, enact, evidence, evince, exhibit, expose to view, express, fall, flap, flash, flaunt, flop, flourish, flow, fluctuate, flutter, follow, follow at heel, give sign, give token, hang, hang about, hang down, highlight, illuminate, incarnate, indicate, librate