Synonyms to folk literature

belles-lettres, French literature, Renaissance literature, ancient literature, classics, contemporary literature, erotic literature, erotica, humane letters, kitsch, letters, literature, medieval literature, national literature, obscene literature, polite literature, pop literature, popular literature, pornographic literature, pornography, pseudonymous literature, republic of letters, scatological literature, serious literature, travel literature, underground literature, wisdom literature, classic, ageless, archetypal, archetype, art object, belles lettres, best seller, book, bound book, brainchild, bric-a-brac, capital, champion, classical, classical music, coloring book, composition, concert music, concertino, concerto, concerto grosso, creation, deathless, definitive, definitive work, design, enduring, epitome, excellent, exemplar, exemplary, famous, fine, first-rate, folio, great work, grotesque, hardback