Synonyms to flying kites

jib, avert, avoid, back down, balance, balk, balloon sail, batten, bear off, blench, blink, boggle, cringe, debate, deliberate, demur, dodge, draw aside, draw back, duck, ease off, edge off, evade, fade, fall back, falter, fear, fight shy, flinch, fly off, fly-by-night, fore gaff-topsail, fore topgallant sail, fore-skysail, fore-topmast staysail, fore-topsail, foreroyal, foresail, forestaysail, gag, gee, glance, glance off, go off, hang back, haw, head off, hem and haw, hesitate, hover, hum and haw, jenny, jigger, jump, jump a mile, leg-of-mutton sail, loose-footed sail, lug, main gaff-topsail, main royal, main skysail, main-royal staysail, main-topsail, mainsail, make way for, mizzen, mizzen skysail, mizzen staysail, mizzen-royal staysail, mizzen-topgallant sail, moonraker, moonsail, move aside, panic, parachute spinnaker, pause, ponder, pull back, quail, recoil, reef, reef point, reel back, retreat, royal, scruple, sheer off, shilly-shally, shove aside, shrink, shrink back, shunt, shy, shy off, side, sidestep, sidetrack, sidle, skedaddle, skyscraper, spanker, spinnaker, spitfire, square sail, sta