Synonyms to fleecy-white

chalky, argent, argentine, branny, canescent, chalklike, comminute, comminuted, cretaceous, crushed, detrital, detrited, disintegrated, dusty, efflorescent, farinaceous, fine, flaky, floury, frosted, frosty, furfuraceous, gone to dust, grated, grizzled, grizzly, ground, hoar, hoary, impalpable, lactescent, levigated, lily-white, marble, marmoreal, mealy, milky, milled, niveous, pestled, platinum, powdered, powdery, pulverant, pulverized, pulverulent, pure white, reduced to powder, scaly, scobicular, scobiform, scurfy, sharded, shredded, silver, silvered, silvery, snow-white, snowy, swan-white, triturated, white, white as snow, affectless, alcoholic drink, anesthetized, arctic, autistic, beverage, blunt, catatonic, chill, chilly, cold, cold as charity, cold-blooded, coldhearted, cool, dispassionate, drink, drinkable, drugged, dull, emotionally dead, emotionless, frigid, frost-beaded, frost-chequered, frost-covered, frost-fettered, frost-rent, frostbound, frosted shake, frostlike, frosty-faced, frozen, h