Synonyms to first option

option, alternate choice, alternative, call, chance, choice, discretion, druthers, election, emption, first refusal, free choice, free decision, free will, full consent, noncontingent free will, opportunity, optionality, pleasure, possible choice, preemption, preference, prerogative, privilege, put, put and call, recourse, refusal, right, right of emption, right of preemption, say, say-so, selection, spread, stock option, straddle, strap, strip, way out, will and pleasure, adoption, appropriation, arrogation, assumption, colonization, conquest, enslavement, indent, occupation, preoccupation, prepossession, requisition, subjugation, takeover, taking over, usurpation, Eighteenth Amendment, Prohibition Party, Volstead Act, abjuration, abjurement, antipathy, averseness, aversion, backwardness, ban, brush-off, bucking, challenge, chucking, chucking out, cold shoulder, contempt, contention, contraband, contradiction, contraposition, contravention, contraversion, counter