Synonyms to first light

aurora, alpenglow, arch aurora, aurora australis, aurora borealis, aurora glory, aurora polaris, break of day, brightening, chanticleer, cockcrow, cocklight, crack of dawn, crepuscule, dawn, dawning, dawnlight, day-peep, daybreak, daylight, dayspring, first brightening, foredawn, glow, half-light, light, merry dancers, morn, morning, morning twilight, northern lights, peep of day, polar lights, polar ray, prime, southern lights, sunrise, sunup, the small hours, twilight, vestibule of Day, brown of dusk, brownness, candlelight, candlelighting, dusk, duskingtide, gloam, gloaming, glooming, owllight, A, advent, alpha, antemeridian, appear, appearance, arise, arrival, arrive, auroral, awakening, begin, beginning, birth, blast-off, break, brighten, broad day, come to mind, commence, commencement, creation, cutting edge, day, day glow, da