Synonyms to first appearance

coming out, coming-out party, curtain raiser, debut, embarkation, embarkment, floating, flotation, inaugural address, inauguration, induction, initiation, installation, installment, introduction, launching, maiden speech, opener, preliminary, presentation, unveiling, Vorspiel, act, afterpiece, bit, chaser, concert overture, curtain, curtain call, descant, divertimento, divertissement, dramatic overture, epilogue, exode, exodus, expository scene, finale, hoke act, interlude, intermezzo, intermission, number, operatic overture, overture, prelude, prologue, routine, scene, shtick, sketch, skit, song and dance, stand-up comedy act, striptease, turn, vamp, voluntary, appear, benefit, bill, come out, enter, entertainment, exhibit, exhibition, farewell performance