Synonyms to fiery ordeal

ordeal, Sabbat, acid test, adversity, affliction, anguish, assay, blank determination, brouillon, calvary, criterion, cross, crucial test, crucible, determination, disaster, distress, docimasy, essay, feeling out, first draft, ghost dance, grief, hardship, kiteflying, magic circle, misery, misfortune, nightmare, ordeal by battle, probation, proof, rough draft, rough sketch, sounding out, standard, suffering, test, test case, touchstone, tragedy, trial, trials and tribulations, tribulation, tribulations, troubles, try, verification, visitation, Olympic games, Olympics, R and D, adverse circumstances, aggravation, agony, annoyance, approach, arrangement, assize, attempt, audition, bad luck, bad news, bane, basic training, bedevilment, bid, blight, blue book, bore, bother, botheration, bothersomeness, bout, briefing, bummer, care, change of venue, check, checking, clearing the decks, complication, concours, conditional, contest, control, control experiment, controlled experiment, court-martial, crac