Synonyms to festination

acceleration, accelerando, aggravation, beefing-up, blowing up, blowup, concentration, condensation, consolidation, deepening, double time, double-quick, double-quick time, drive, enhancement, exacerbation, exaggeration, explosion, forced march, forwarding, getaway, hastening, heating-up, heightening, hurrying, impetus, information explosion, intensification, magnification, pickup, population explosion, quickening, redoubling, reinforcement, speeding, speedup, step-up, strengthening, thrust, tightening, double quick, agile, amain, apace, at flank speed, at the double, breakneck, crowded, dashing, double march, double-time, eagle-winged, expeditious, expeditiously, express, fast, fleet, flying, galloping, goose step, hair-trigger, half step, hand over fist, hand over hand, hard-pressed, hard-pushed, hard-run, hastily, hasty, headlong, hell for leather, hell-bent, hell-bent for election, hurried, hustling, in double time, in double-quick time, in high, in high gear, in seven-leagu