Synonyms to fertilizing

germinal, aboriginal, atomic, basal, basic, central, conceptive, conceptual, corpuscular, creative, crucial, elemental, elementary, embryonic, esemplastic, evanescent, fattening, fecund, fecundative, fertile, fetal, fructificative, fundamental, generative, genetic, germinant, germinational, germinative, germiparous, granular, ideational, ideative, imaginative, impalpable, imperceptible, imponderable, in embryo, in ovo, in the bud, inappreciable, indiscernible, infinitesimal, ingenious, inspired, intangible, inventive, invisible, larval, life-giving, microcosmic, microscopic, molecular, multiparous, notional, original, originative, pregnant, primal, primary, primeval, primitive, primordial, pristine, procreant, procreative, productive, prolific, propagative, protogenic, radical, reproductive, richening, rudimentary, seminal, shaping, spermatic, spermatozoic, subatomic, teeming, tenuous, thin, ultramicroscopic, unseeable, visioned, abecedarian, amorous, antenatal, autochthonous, beginning, budding, carnal, erogenic, erogenous, e