Synonyms to female

distaff, female being, feminine, gentlewomanlike, girlish, gynecic, gynecoid, gynic, her, kittenish, ladylike, little-girlish, maidenly, matronal, matronlike, matronly, muliebral, petticoat, she, womanish, womanlike, womanly, affected, amenable, animate, common gender, deferential, delicate, docile, effeminate, effete, gender, gentle, inanimate, masculine, neuter, soft, submissive, tender, unmanly, girl, Dulcinea, Eve, Frau, Fraulein, abigail, amah, au pair girl, ayah, babe, baby, best girl, betrothed, betweenmaid, biddy, bird, broad, chambermaid, chaperon, chick, colleen, companion, cook, crumpet, cutie, dame, damoiselle, damsel, daughter of Eve, deb, debutante, demoiselle, doll, domina, donna, dowager, dream girl, duenna, femme, femme de chambre, fiancee, fille de chambre, filly, frail, friend, frow, gal, gamine, gentlewoman, gill, girl friend, girlie, handmaid, handmaiden, heifer, hired girl