Synonyms to featheriness

tenderness, acceptance, airiness, algesia, allergy, anaphylaxis, ascent, bleeding heart, bloom, bowels of compassion, bubbliness, budtime, buoyancy, clemency, clementness, compassion, compassionateness, considerateness, daintiness, delicacy, downiness, early years, easiness, easygoingness, empathy, ethereality, exquisiteness, festering, fineness, floatability, florescence, flossiness, flowering time, fluffiness, foaminess, fondness, forbearance, forbearing, frothiness, gentleness, gossameriness, humaneness, humanity, hyperesthesia, hyperpathia, hypersensitivity, identification, inflammation, insolidity, irritability, irritation, jeunesse, juvenescence, juvenility, lack of weight, laxness, lenience, leniency, lenientness, lenity, levitation, levity, lightness, mellowness, mercifulness, mercy, mildness, moderateness, morbidezza, my burning youth, my green age, nervousness, nonresistiveness, nonrigidity, oversensibility, oversensitiveness, overtenderness, passibility, patience, perceptiveness, perceptivity, photophobia, pity, plushiness, prickliness, prime of life, pulpiness, rankling