Synonyms to fatalism

determinism, Calvinism, aftertime, afteryears, by-and-by, course ahead, crystal ball, distant future, election, eventuality, expectation, foresight, forward look, future, future tense, futurism, futurity, hereafter, immediate future, immediate prospect, imminence, near future, offing, outlook, posteriority, predestinarianism, predeterminism, prediction, probability, project, prophecy, prospect, the future, the morrow, the sweet by-and-by, time ahead, time just ahead, time to come, tomorrow, accession, alternative, alternativity, anointing, anointment, apostolic orders, appointment, arrogation, assignment, assumption, authorization, by-election, calling, canonization, caucus, choice, choosing, closed primary, co-optation, co-option, conferment, congressional election, consecration, contested election, coronation, decision, delegation, deputation, designation, direct primary, druthers, electing, empowerment, first choice, free choice, free will, general election, holy orders, induction, installation, institution, investiture, legitimate succe