Synonyms to fatal accident

disaster, accident, act of God, adversity, apoplexy, blow, breakdown, breaking up, breakup, calamity, casualty, cataclysm, catastrophe, cave, cave-in, climax, collapse, collision, contretemps, convulsion, crack-up, crash, debacle, diastrophism, distress, fatality, fit, grief, ill hap, misadventure, mischance, misfortune, mishap, nasty blow, overthrow, paroxysm, pileup, quake, reverse, rocks, shipwreck, shock, smash, smashup, spasm, staggering blow, stroke, temblor, tidal wave, total loss, tragedy, trouble, tsunami, upheaval, violent death, washout, wrack, wreck, affliction, bane, bugbear, burden, cross, crushing burden, curse, death, desolation, destruction, devastation, disease, evil, grievance, hardship, harm, infliction, misery, nemesis, open wound, pest, pestilence, plague, ruin, ruination, running sore, scourge, st