Synonyms to fare well

advance, be blooded, be successful, catch on, click, come along, come off, come on, connect, do well, enjoy prosperity, farewell, get ahead, get on, get on swimmingly, get on well, go, go great guns, go off, go over, go over big, go to town, go well, graduate, make a hit, make headway, make progress, meet with success, pass, prevail, progress, prosper, qualify, succeed, take, turn out well, work well, work wonders, feast, High Holiday, High Holy Day, Lucullan feast, Mardi Gras, Sabbath, Saturnalia, Sunday, allay, anniversary, appease, assuage, bank holiday, banquet, bean-feast, beano, birthday, blow, blowout, board, bread, bread and butter, carnival, celebration, cheer, church calendar, church feast, comestibles, commemoration, creature comfort, cuisine, daily bread, day of festivities, day off, delight, dine, do, do justice to, eat heartily, eat up, eatables, ecclesiastical calendar, edibles, entertain, entertainment, event, fair, fare, fast, fast food, feast day, feed, festal board, festival, festival day, festive occasion, festivity, fete, fete day, field day, fiesta, fixed feast, foo