Synonyms to fanged

bicuspid, baby tooth, biaxial, bicameral, bifid, biform, binocular, binomial, binominal, bipartite, biped, bipetalous, bipinnate, bisexual, bivalent, bucktooth, canine, crown, cuspid, cutter, deciduous tooth, dent, dental, denticle, denticulation, dentiform, dentil, dentition, dentoid, dogtooth, eyetooth, fang, fore tooth, gagtooth, gang tooth, gold tooth, grinder, incisor, milk tooth, molar, odontoid, peg, permanent tooth, pivot tooth, premolar, scrivello, snag, snaggle-toothed, snaggled, snaggletooth, tooth, toothed, toothlike, toothy, tush, tusk, tusked, unibivalent, wisdom tooth, clawed, agonized, convulsed, crucified, dentate, digital, digitate, digitated, fingered, footed, harrowed, hoofed, jawed, lacerated, lancinated, on the rack, pedal, plantar, prehensile, racked, raptorial, ripped, savaged, taloned, toed, tortured, under the harrow, ungulate, wrung, accented, allopathic, alveolar, apical, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, articulated, assimilated, back, barytone, bilabial, broad, cacuminal, central, cerebral, checked, chiropodic, chiropractic, clinical, close, consonant,