Synonyms to falling off

decadent, abandoned, coming apart, contaminated, corrupt, corrupted, cracking, crumbling, debased, debauched, decaying, declining, degenerate, degenerating, degenerative, degraded, depraved, deteriorating, disintegrating, dissipated, dissolute, draining, drooping, dwindling, ebbing, effete, fading, failing, falling, flagging, fragmenting, going to pieces, immoral, languishing, marcescent, morally polluted, on the wane, perverted, pining, polluted, profligate, regressive, reprobate, retrograde, retrogressive, rotten, self-indulgent, shriveling, sinking, sliding, slipping, slumping, steeped in iniquity, subsiding, tabetic, tainted, vice-corrupted, vitiated, waning, warped, wasting, wilting, withering, worsening, decline, abate, abatement, abjure, ablate, abstain, abstain from, age, analyze, anility, arrear, arrearage, arrears, ascend, asking price, avoid, backslide, backsliding, balk, bank, bate, be eaten away, be found wanting, be unmoved, be unwilling, bearish prices, beat down, beg off, bid price, boggle, book value, bracket, break, brush aside, bullish prices, bypass, cadence, caducity, call pri