Synonyms to failure

also ran, aspirant, baby kisser, bankrupt, booby, candidate, dark horse, defeated candidate, defeatee, duck, dud, fall guy, false alarm, favorite son, flop, game loser, good loser, good sport, hopeful, lame duck, loser, office seeker, political hopeful, presidential timber, running mate, sport, stalking-horse, stooge, the vanquished, underdog, victim, washout, arrearage, arrear, arrears, back debts, back payments, bouncing check, break, debt, decline, defalcation, default, defect, defectiveness, deferred payments, deficiency, deficit, deficit financing, delinquency, discontinuity, dollar gap, due, falling short, gap, hiatus, imperfection, inadequacy, indebtedness, inferiority, insufficiency, interval, lack, lacuna, liability, missing link, need, obligation, omission, outage, overdraft, short measure, shortage, shortcoming, shortfall, slump, ullage, underage, want, wantage, im