Synonyms to eyeful

beaut, Miss America, ace, bathing beauty, beau ideal, beauty, beauty contest winner, beauty queen, belle, bunny, charmer, corker, cover girl, crackerjack, daisy, dandy, darb, dazzler, dilly, dream, enchantress, great beauty, honey, humdinger, killer-diller, knockout, lady fair, lollapaloosa, looker, lovely, lulu, model, paragon, peach, pinup, pinup girl, pip, pippin, pussycat, raving beauty, reigning beauty, sex kitten, slick chick, stunner, sweetheart, the nuts, whiz, advantage, asset, attraction, attractiveness, balance, concinnity, dreamboat, equilibrium, euphony, eye-opener, good-looker, handsomeness, harmony, loveliness, measure, measuredness, order, orderedness, proportion, pulchritude, rhythm, strength, sweetness, symmetry, toast, look, NB, admire, air, angle, angle for, an