Synonyms to extrapolate

objectify, actualize, call to mind, call up, conjure up, envisage, envision, exteriorize, externalize, image, incarnate, just see, manifest, materialize, personalize, personify, picture, project, realize, represent, see, substantiate, summon up, vision, visualize, activity, adumbrate, adventure, affair, aftertime, afteryears, aim, aim at, aller sans dire, ambition, animus, anticipate, approach, arrange, aspiration, aspire after, aspire to, assignment, attempt, await, be after, be destined, be fated, be imminent, be manifest, be no secret, be to be, be to come, beetle, blast off, blueprint, body forth, bristle up, business, busywork, by-and-by, calculate, cast, chare, charge, chart, chore, chuck, circumambulate, cock up, come, come across, come on, commission, commitment, conceive, concern, concert, concoct, contemplate, contract, contrive, cook up, counsel, course ahead, crystal ball, cut out, deal, delineate, demonstrate, describe, desideration, desideratum, design, desire, destine, determination, determine, determinism, devise, diagram, discharge, distant future, dope