Synonyms to exosmotic

adsorbent, absorbency, absorbent, absorption, adsorption, assimilation, assimilative, bibulous, blotter, blotting, blotting paper, chemisorption, chemisorptive, chemosorption, chemosorptive, digestion, digestive, endosmosis, endosmotic, engrossment, exosmosis, imbibitory, infiltration, osmosis, osmotic, percolation, resorbent, seepage, soaking, sorbent, sorption, sponge, spongeous, sponging, spongy, thirsty, addicted to drink, bibacious, crapulent, crapulous, drinking, drunken, excessive, extravagant, extreme, given to drink, gluttonous, immoderate, incontinent, indulgent, inordinate, intemperate, overindulgent, overindulging, prodigal, self-indulgent, sottish, swilling, swinish, tippling, too much, toping, unbridled, unconstrained, uncontrolled, undisciplined, unfrugal, unlimited, unmeasured, unrestrained, unthrifty, winebibbing, awash, bathed,