Synonyms to exorcisation

conjuration, abracadabra, charm, conjurement, escamotage, evocation, exorcism, exsufflation, hanky-panky, hocus-pocus, hokey-pokey, incantation, invocation, jiggery-pokery, jugglery, juggling, legerdemain, magic formula, magic words, monkey business, mumbo jumbo, open sesame, prestidigitation, rune, sleight of hand, trickery, arousal, beck, beck and call, bidding, bringing out, call, calling, calling forth, cameo, catalog, cataloging, character, character sketch, characterization, convocation, delineation, depiction, description, details, drawing out, eduction, graphic account, image, imagery, impression, indent, itemization, limning, nod, particularization, photograph, picture, portrait, portraiture, portrayal, preconization, profile, rendering, rendition, representation, requisition, sketch, specification, summons, vignette, vivid description, word painting, cantrip, curse, evil eye, glamour, hex, incantati