Synonyms to establishing

institution, A, academy, act, agency, alpha, apostolic orders, appointment, asylum, atelier, barbershop, beauty parlor, beauty shop, beginning, bench, bill, blast-off, butcher shop, bylaw, calling, canon, canonization, ceremonial, ceremony, college, commencement, company, concern, conferment, consecration, constitution, corporation, creation, custom, cutting edge, dawn, decree, desk, dictate, dictation, doctrine, dogma, duty, edge, edict, effectuation, election, enactment, establishment, facility, firm, fixture, flying start, form, form of worship, formality, formation, forming, formula, formulary, foundation, founding, fresh start, function, habit, holy orders, holy rite, home, hospital, house, inauguration, inception, induction, installation, institute, introduction, investiture, jump-off, jus, kick-off, law, leading edge, legislation, lex, liturgy, loft, major orders, materialization, measure, minor orders, mode of worship, mystery, new departure, nomination, observance, office, oncoming, onset, opening, ordainment, order of worship, orders, ordinance, ordination, ordonnance, organization, origin,