Synonyms to esprit fort

freethinker, big person, broad-gauge person, ecumenicist, free lance, free spirit, free trader, humanist, independent, individualist, isolationist, latitudinarian, liberal, liberalist, libertarian, libertine, mugwump, neutral, nonpartisan, rugged individualist, secular humanist, third force, third world, academician, bookman, classicist, clerk, colossus of knowledge, genius, giant of learning, learned clerk, learned man, literary man, litterateur, lover of learning, man of learning, man of letters, mastermind, mine of information, philologist, philologue, philomath, philosophe, philosopher, polyhistor, polymath, pundit, savant, scholar, scholastic, schoolman, student, walking encyclopedia, broad-minded, freethinking, liberalistic, open-minded, rugged individual