Synonyms to epagogic

a priori, a fortiori, a posteriori, analytic, back, backward, categorical, conditional, deducible, deductive, derivable, dialectic, discursive, dogmatic, early, enthymematic, ex post facto, hypothetical, inductive, inferential, into the past, maieutic, reasoned, retroactive, retrospective, soritical, syllogistic, synthetic, acute, algebraic, analytical, classificatory, deep, enumerative, examinational, examinatorial, examining, explorational, explorative, exploratory, fact-finding, feeling, geometric, groping, heuristic, indagative, inspectional, inspectorial, investigational, investigative, investigatory, keen, mathematical, numeric, penetrating, piercing, profound, ratiocinative, ratiocinatory, rational, reasoning, schematic, segmental, sharp, subtle, tentative, testing, trying, zetetic, classificator