Synonyms to enlarging

consecutive, after, attendant, cadet, catenary, connected, consistent, continuous, ensuing, following, increasing, joined, junior, later, lineal, linear, orderly, ordinal, posterior, progressive, puisne, sequent, sequential, serial, seriate, subsequent, succeeding, successional, successive, tight, trailing, uninterrupted, younger, expanding, amplifying, crescendoing, crescent, developmental, dilatative, dilative, expatiating, growing, incremental, intensifying, lengthening, multiplying, on the increase, proliferating, snowballing, spreading, swelling, tightening, waxing, expansive, accessible, affable, airy, all jaw, all-embracing, all-inclusive, amiable, ample, amplitudinous, approachable, big, bouncy, broad, buoyant, candid, capacious, chatty, commodious, communicable, communicative, comprehensive, conversable, conversational, copious, deep, demonstrative, dilatable, dilatant, distensive, easy, effervescent, effusive, elastic, expandable, expansible, expansile, expansional, extendable, extended, extending, extensible, extensile, extensional, extensive,